Will Robots Replace Dentists? A Look at the Future of Digital Dentistry

Robots have been a part of the medical field for some time now, and Dr. Katia Friedman, DDS of the Friedman Dental Group in Florida believes that their role in dentistry will only continue to grow. However, it is unlikely that robots will completely replace dentists. It is the knowledge and expertise of humans that allows robots to carry out complex tasks.

The future of digital dentistry is rapidly evolving with the integration of robots and other innovative technologies. While robots may assist dentists with certain tasks, human compassion remains a crucial aspect of dental health that cannot be fully automated. The need to advance and improve dental treatment will lead to increased use of robots. To learn more about dentists and dental technologies that are being used in dental centers visit this website: https://www.munsterdentist.com/

At NYU School of Dentistry, dental students became the first in the US to perform dental implant surgery with cutting-edge robotic technology. NYU Dentistry is one of only three dental schools in the country with a robotic system for dental implant surgery. The students, under the supervision of Dr. Huzefa Talib, Associate Clinical Professor and Clinical Director in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, directed the procedure from start to finish.

Yomi Robot Assisted Dental Implant Surgery Introduced in NYU Dentistry Curriculum

Placing dental implants requires a high degree of precision and accuracy, which is why Yomi, developed by Miami-based healthcare company Neocis, was authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration for Dental Implant Surgery. The system uses software to pre-operatively plan dental implant procedures and provides real-time intraoperative visual and physical guidance to implement the plan.

NYU Dentistry is currently in the pilot phase of introducing robotic technology into the DDS curriculum with the interdisciplinary participation of the Departments of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Prosthodontics and Periodontology and Implantology. Thomas Wiedemann, Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, prepared students with didactic and simulation experiences throughout the training phases. The students then used the robotic system to guide them in implementing the plan.

The Robot Assisted Dental Implant System Using Haptic Technology in Digital Dentistry

The system uses haptic technology to provide physical signals in real time, increasing the feel of the provider and helping them to accurately place the dental implant. Yomi is a symbol of the new world of digital dentistry that includes everything from intelligent toothbrushes to three-dimensional x-rays and robotic assistants. These technologies are aimed at shortening the number of dental visits patients require and their time in the chair.

There is no single regulatory body that oversees the development of digital dentistry, especially when it comes to the use of robots. 3D digital patient models can help dentists plan treatment even when patients are not in their office. Nanoodentistry has been cited as a key component of the profession of the future due to its wide field of application ranging from orthodontics to periodontics.

The Role of Robots in Dental Care: Balancing Precision and Human Compassion

The need to advance and improve dental care will lead to increased use of robots, though many people believe that robots will not take over dentists' jobs completely. With a robot dentist nearby, it is possible to perform dental implant surgery more quickly with high precision. Critics of automation in dentistry argue that it is impossible to fully automate due to the need for human compassion in treatment.

The compassion of a human being cannot be transferred to a robot, and it is a very significant aspect of dentistry. While robots may be able to assist dentists with certain tasks, it is unlikely that they will ever completely replace them.

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