Will dentistry be automated reddit?

Just because you're thinking about automating dental care means you're most likely not worried. In my opinion, getting excited about the future is a better strategy than worrying. Dental technology is changing rapidly due to automation more than most other industries. Will you continue to work with your hands at the end of your career? Honestly, I don't know.

Currently, the digitalization of dentistry is not complete. And even if you ultimately succeed, you'll want to have the analytical skills to know how to get the results you want no matter what. Are there any massive breakthroughs on the horizon that will revolutionize the industry? I was asking my dentist the same thing, but we didn't have enough time to talk about it. So it left me wondering and I thought this was the best place to find out.

There will be some minor changes, such as more automated patient scheduling or automated tool cleaning, but those skills are one of the most difficult things to automate. Anesthesia has been automated for some years now, but the industry got rid of it out of fear of losing jobs. There may be elements of automated dentistry, but you will still enjoy the practical elements of dental technology. So think about which parts of the dentist's work are repetitive (they will be automated) and that require judgment and a human eye (they will be automated much later).

Dental care and other topics related to medicine will take longer to automate significantly (medicine in general always lags behind because of how careful it has to be). Fully automate treatment planning so mid-level providers can enter all results and the computer automatically generates the optimal treatment plan, with the ability to add modifications for insurance and patient preferences. But with so many dentists complaining about back pain in the neck, I wonder why dentists don't have flat beds to move with automation and hover the mouse over the patient.

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