Who are the Dental Professionals and What Do They Do?

WHO offers a dynamic work environment, professional development opportunities and a competitive compensation and benefits package. Applying for a Position · Staff Appointments · WHO Internship Program · Governance. The insights and conclusions of the dentists and dental clinicians who responded can be used by dental professionals and dental office owners to better compare themselves and their offices. This helps level the playing field not only for minority dental candidates, but also for all dental professionals looking to be evaluated based on their dental skills and work experience, rather than their profile photo.

DentalPost provides free evaluations to help job seekers discover more about themselves, their core values, their personality and their work style. SmartView helps dental employers focus on the right things—skills, experience, and assessment knowledge—rather than the candidate's physical appearance, age, ethnicity, or gender. DentalPost partnered with Endeavor Media, including Dental Economics and RDH Magazine, to survey more than 13,000 dental professionals for the largest and most comprehensive dental professional salary survey of its kind. The survey included dental assistants, dental hygienists, dentists, front desk personnel, orthodontic assistants, dental receptionists, pediatric assistants, office managers, and oral surgery assistants.

Professional development resources are available for dental hygienists, dental assistants, laboratory technicians and other dental team members. Knowing yourself will help you become a better person and dental professional whether you're looking for your next job or want to grow in your current one. Don't miss out on exclusive offers, free hiring resources for the & race, dental industry events, news and reports, including the DentalPost Annual Dental Salary Report. This year's survey for dental professionals is completely new and has been expanded to include more contextual data such as workplace conditions in dental offices, production and scheduling reports, and even details of dental doctor's fees and bonuses.

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