What Questions Should You Expect in a Dental Interview?

When you're preparing for a dental interview, it's important to be aware of the questions you may be asked. From questions about your experience and qualifications to those that test your knowledge of dentistry, the interviewer will be looking to get a better understanding of your skills and abilities. The most common question asked in a dental interview is 'Can you tell me about yourself?' This is an opportunity for you to highlight your qualifications and experience, as well as any special skills or knowledge you have. You can also demonstrate your expertise in dental health procedures by talking about any articles you have co-authored or any free dental clinics you have volunteered at.

Another question that may come up is 'What is your dental philosophy?' This question tests your knowledge of communication and how it applies to dentistry, so make sure your answer reflects that. You can also talk about any personal experiences that have shaped your approach to dentistry, such as the death of a family member before you finished dental school. You may also be asked 'What do you like most and least about dentistry?' This is an opportunity for you to show the interviewer that you are passionate about the field and understand the challenges it presents. Talk about the advances in technology and how they have changed the industry, as well as any areas of dentistry that particularly interest you.

If you are joining an office owned by the dental professionals who work there, you may be asked 'What would you do if a newly hired dental assistant asked for help setting up the impression arsenal for a crown and bridge procedure?' The best way to answer this question would be to make a list of the different types of anesthesia you are comfortable with and then address the question of which one you would use for the filling. Finally, you may be asked 'What do you know about diseases and conditions that older patients may face, and their implications for oral health and dental treatment?' This question analyzes the candidate's knowledge of the diseases and conditions that older patients may face, and their implications for oral health and dental treatment. Make sure to highlight any experience or knowledge you have in this area.

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