Can Dentistry Be a Pre-Med?

Dentistry is a field that requires specific courses to be taken at an undergraduate institution in order to apply to dental schools. Each school may have different requirements, but typically they include biology, chemistry, physics, English, and mathematics. In addition, some schools may list courses that are not required but are highly recommended. Dental schools do not give preference to any particular specialty, so whether you specialize in biology, psychology, sociology, history, or English, you can still apply and be accepted.

Admission to medical school requires a strong foundation in the natural sciences as well as a liberal education in the social sciences and humanities. The senior pre-health counselor can help you stay informed about the application process for medical and dental schools. If you specialize in an area other than science, you will need to take a series of science courses to prepare for the vocational school entrance exam. The University of Pittsburgh prefers that previous courses be taken at a four-year university in a face-to-face setting.

The University of Pittsburgh dental school requires completion of parental requirements which include earning a bachelor's degree (in any area), two semesters of English, two semesters of laboratory biology, two semesters of physics, two semesters of general chemistry, two semesters of organic chemistry, and one semester of biochemistry. Through a research grant at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Madeline Bonfield '18 analyzed behaviors in deaf and hard of hearing children, examining the correlation between the presence of a language gap and lower social function and negative behaviors. The dental school curriculum is considered rigorous so it's important that the student be mentally prepared for the next four years. Stevens offers several comprehensive pre-law and pre-med program options, an unbeatable internship location, and a wide range of support services to ensure students excel in the rigorous professional school environment.

These programs provide students with the analytical and communication skills as well as textual experience that can benefit them while preparing for law school. In conclusion, dentistry can be a pre-med field if you meet the necessary requirements. It is important to research each school's specific requirements and take courses that will prepare you for the entrance exam. Additionally, Stevens offers comprehensive pre-law and pre-med programs that can help students gain the skills they need to succeed in their chosen field.

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